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Partner financially with Pablo Pérez to help advance the Kingdom of Heaven across the nations—through prayer, worship, preaching and evangelism. By sowing a love offering today, you’ll be helping to produce and release 3 ongoing projects:

Melodic Kingdom (Instrumental Worship Series), From the Kingdom of Heaven (Devotional Worship Episodes) and Desde El Reino de Los Cielos (devotional worship episodes in Spanish).

All 3 music/media projects share the gospel, finishing with a call for salvation (at the end of each video, on different social media channels).

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Presence Worship

About Pablo’s Ministry

Pablo Pérez, founder of PPI (Pablo Pérez International). For the past 30+ years Pablo has ministered worldwide—leading presence worship and sharing the gospel of the Kingdom. Both Pablo and his wife Andrea are originally from Argentina (missionaries in Mexico during the 90s, under J.C. Manzewitsch ministry—and based in the U.S. since mid 2000).

Having lived many years in Kansas City, MO at the International House of Prayer (under Mike Bickle’s ministry), they spent some years in New Jersey, with family, and now are based in Brandon, FL (15m from The River church in Tampa Bay, led by R.H. Browne).