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Never Get Offended Again

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Let's now continue to unfold F-E-L-L-O-W-S-H-I-P, the 10 letter acronym we started to explore on the previous post… E: Endurance Being strengthened with all power… so that you may have great endurance and patience—Col. 1:11 (NIV) May the Lord direct your hearts into… the patience of Christ—2 The. 3:5 The second letter of this acronym stands for ENDURANCE. For starters, you should know that in the New Testament, the words endurance, perseverance and patience often carry the same meaning. They mean: to be faithful in your God-given assignments (under pressure) without quitting. Patience (in the N.T.) means way more than not being annoyed by someone. Or the common idea of "wait in line please, be patient." What the apostles meant by patience was really endurance. Endurance to faithfully persevere in following Jesus (for decades) without quitting in your pursuit of God. That's why, we need the power of the Holy Spirit touching our soul… to impart endurance… to keep you from quitting during the dry and difficult seasons… to save you from backsliding under the growing pressure of immorality and lawlessness (that reigns in our time). But endurance is for more than just "trials and temptations," it's for all kinds [...]

Can this 10 Letter Acronym Help You Walk Closer to God?

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I want to tell you about a powerful acronym I learned years ago... It can literally revolutionize your relationship with God... Here we go, down to the very fabric of your being: A 10-Fold Prayer List "That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man," — Eph. 3:16 A prayer list... really? Yes, a list. But don't see it as a restriction to your "prayer time freedoms," se it as a tool that will give you language in your conversation with God. Here is why: your inner man (even ladies have one) has ten different areas, and the acronym I told you about is based on targeting those ten areas, so you can be "strengthened with might" (Eph. 3:16). I learned this prayer approach many years ago, from Mike Bickle. And let me tell you... it's a powerful tool. Here is the ten letter acronym... F-E-L-L-O-W-S-H-I-P Each one of the letters focus on an important area of your soul. The idea is to systematically pray through these ten areas on a daily basis. All ten requests are based on promises or prayers from the Scripture. BUT [...]

From Jerusalem, the Beautiful!

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Once again, I'm in the beautiful Jerusalem, just for a couple of days... helping God TV, singing from the rooftops of the City of the King. And I have a question for you... Why do you think that praying for Israel is important, and how we should pray for them? Please post your answer below. Also, please pray for me, I'll be ministering here in Israel this weekend. mega blessings from Zion Pablo Perez

Is Jesus Who He Claims to Be?

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I count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus… (Phil. 3:8) How can someone in His right mind confess what Paul did to the Philippians? What did He know about Jesus that most people today ignore? One of the great passages of Scripture is Hebrews one—written to equip the Church to stand against heresies that denied Jesus' deity and against compromise especially in the face of persecution. Hebrews chapter one establishes Jesus' supremacy and preeminence over all. It brings together the truths of Jesus as the royal Son (Ps. 2), the royal Priest (Ps. 110), and the royal Bridegroom (Ps. 45). You will discover the pre-existence of Jesus as God—His incarnation as a man and His eternal exaltation. Did you know that there was never a time when Jesus did not exist? As the Incarnate One, He experienced human limitations in being hungry, weary, and even tempted. And He will be exalted forever as the God-Man who is King of kings over all the nations of the earth. JESUS: The Radiance of God You can find seven "excellencies of Jesus" in Hebrews one: Jesus is the heir of all, creator of the worlds, radiance of God, [...]

How to Overcome Temptation

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The Holy Spirit is preparing you to operate in great power... But He requires holiness—it's not an option—it's the only way. You and I must live in agreement with His ways and commandments, refusing all forms of idolatry and immorality and learning to navigate temptation. Here's a simple definition of idolatry and immorality: Idolatry is gaining power outside of God's will and immorality is obtaining pleasure outside of God's will. Every human being has engaged in both, be it in thought or act, no one is free from the continuous harassment of temptation—the constant pressure over our eyes and minds. But the good news is that Jesus showed us how to overcome these temptations. Immorality is all sexual activity outside of marriage (physical, verbal, technological). Immorality grants Satan legal access to harm your family and spiritually injure your heart. Idolatry is expressed in covetousness and sorcery (Col. 3:5; Eph. 5:5). Covetousness is the pursuit of money in ways that directly oppose Jesus' leadership over your life. Tale of Two Immoral Churches Both churches were influenced by false teaching on "grace" that made it OK for them to participate in immoral and idolatrous feasts. They were comfortable in compromise, instead of [...]