Pablo Perez International

Sing to the Lord a New Song!

Meet Pablo Pérez, founder of PPI (Pablo Pérez International). For the past 30 years Pablo has ministered worldwide—leading presence worship and sharing the gospel of the Kingdom. He also runs Jasper Stone Music, with 35+ recordings produced. Both Pablo and his wife Andrea are originally from Argentina (missionaries in Mexico during the 90s and in the U.S. since mid 2000). They are now based in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

The Fountain of Living Waters

What people say:

“Incredible! – WOW! You have to get this book and read it over and over. It will awaken your heart and activate the real you on the inside. Pablo has a special way with words that cause you to stop with what you are reading and close your eyes, only to be fully immersed in the very love of the Father. There were times when I was reading that I said to myself “I wish someone would have shown me this years ago”. This book is an incredible ramp for you to spring off of into the never-ending Love of the Father. You will not be disappointed!” — Jessica Locke

“I love this book! There is so much revelation in the words here, and I love it because it is backed up by the Word of God. The Holy Spirit , the Living Water can bring so much more into our whole beings , if we hunger and thirst for Him! If you want More of HIM, this is a good book to read!” — L. A.

Presence Worship

What people say:

“If you don’t want to go through the motions of going to church and not seeing a change in the way you worship and go higher as He invites you to come up higher ~ then this us the book that will light up the dead inside of you! The Key Of David is one chapter that opened my eyes to the access the right path to honor and worship God! Coming from one who was like me, Pablo shares with us how to ascend from earth to the Heavenly Throne and come back in the Power of The Holy Spirit !” — Maria C. Santos

“I’ve known the importance of worship to bring the manifest presence of God, but not till I read Presence Worship did I understand the importance of daily practice and, the need to first crave the presence of Holy Spirit. I love Pablo’s writing style: direct, frank and yet insightful. Highly recommended to anyone interested in taking their worship to a higher level!” Anthony Etim

Kingdom Secrets for Thirsty Souls